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Above all we need prayer. As an urban ministry we are always seeking God's grace, growth and guidance. Grace for our mistakes as we humbly attempt to serve our perfect God. Guidance so that our ministry will always be Spirit-filled and Spirit-led be it on the streets or behind this computer. And Growth, we strongly believe that if our ministry is in the grace of God and is being led by the Holy Spirit, He will provide. To pray for growth is to pray for affirmation and blessing during our time on the streets so that our modest attempt to serve will be met and multiplied by God's tremendous power to love. 

We'll publish more specific and up-to-date prayer request on the home page of our website. These will generally range from individual circumstances among ourselves and those on the streets to our developing vision as a ministry.     

We not only aim to encourage and serve those on the streets— we would love to do what we can to see our Christian brothers and sisters grow and develop their faith as well. Any person or group is more than welcome to join us for one of our Wagon Runs or other activities in the future. Just take a look at our upcoming events and shoot us an email regarding when you would like to serve and what you hope to achieve during your time with us. 

Sponsor a trip!! We're not quite a 501C3 yet, but we'll still gladly accept donations in the mean time. 

Just send a cash/check to:     Seven Loaves - SD 
                                                524 Tell Ln.
                                                Hemet, Ca 92544 

And of course anything the homeless might enjoy is more than welcome... Socks, underwear, and toiletries are always in short supply and are greatly appreciated.