who we are

Dallas Thueringer and Talia Sheets
We met in our first year at Westmont College. Since then our friendship has developed into an unstoppable service-oriented, Christ-centered, Spirit-filled, entrepreneurially-enlightened entity.

Through Westmont we have each been made aware of some of urban life's harsh realities from our experiences with the underprivileged in Santa Barbara as well as with homeless communities in the Los Angeles region. This kind of exposure has revealed in each of us a heart to serve— and some great opportunities to do so.

Both hailing from the San Diego area, and having spent some time in the city this summer, we quickly saw a severe negligence toward the extensive homeless population on the streets of downtown. The overwhelming need of these people was too blatant for us to pass up.

We were moved to take action on behalf of our calling to love others as Jesus did. This means going to the people and engaging with them on their level. Thus Seven Loaves and the "wagon run" were born to provide us a means of reaching out to the spiritually lost by meeting their physical needs. 

It's as simple as it sounds. We hit the streets with one wagon, one single-burner propane stove, a plethora of hotdogs (with all the fixin's), and a cooler full of bottled water. We also bring some combination of chips, fruit, and occasionally baked goods. These wagon runs are how we go about building relationships, engaging people in conversation, and ideally spreading the message of Christ.